Fact Book Sections:
Academic Data

Faculty Data
Admissions Data (Trad Undergraduates)

Graduation and Retention Data
Demographic Data

Survey Data
Enrollment Data

Academic Data:

Average Credit Hours by Dept (traditional undergraduates)

Cost per Credit Hour by Dept (fiscal year 2014-2015)

Credit Hours by Program

Expense as % of Revenue by Dept (fiscal year 2014-2015)

Majors by School - Department (Fall 2014)

Admissions Data:

Admissions Statistics
(applications & enrollees) (traditional undergraduates)

Demographic Data:

Age Distribution Statistics

Campus Crime Statistics (prior calendar year)

Ethnicity Statistics

Housing Statistics

Religious Preference Statistics

State and Citizenship Statistics

Enrollment Data (current year & historical):

Enrollment Summaries (current year):
(FT / PT & male / female & FTE & credit years)

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

Summer 2015

Enrollment Statistics by Year:

Daily Registration Statistics (traditional undergraduates)

FTE Statistics

Headcount Statistics

Faculty Data:

Average Faculty Salary by Rank

Faculty FTE Statistics

Full-time Faculty Statistics by School & Department

Part-time Faculty Statistics by School & Department

Student-Faculty Ratio (traditional undergraduates)

Graduation and Retention Data:

Graduation Statistics by Degree (1907 to present)

Graduation Statistics by School & Department (1907 to present)

Retention by Freshman Cohort

Job Placement Rates (1-yr and 5-yrs after graduation)
Career Cluster Data (5-yrs after graduation)
Job Placement Rates
Graduate School Rates (1-yr and 5-yrs after graduation)
Graduate School Rates
Licensure Pass Rates (PA, Nursing, Teacher Educ.)

Survey Data:

Alumni Survey - 1-yr after graduation

Alumni Survey - 5-yrs after graduation

Faculty/Administrator Morale Survey

Instructor Evaluation Data by Program (click link)
Instructor Evaluation Data by Program

NSSE (click link for yearly summaries)

Staff Morale Survey

Trevecca Experience Survey